Monday, September 6, 2010

Eamonn's birthday

Eamonn's Birthday is on Saturday. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but I'm trying to tell myself that perfect doesn't matter. I'm trying to think of the cheapest ways to feed people and to entertain, but so many things you would have never thought of go into a party.. like.. chairs? plates? utinsels? cups? drinks? condiments? cake vs. cupcakes, how many people? You invite one person and you have to invite someone else because they'll find out that they weren't invited! But at the same time, we can't afford to feed all fifteen hundred of my facebook friends... sooo uhh.. yah. Ah well.

For Eamonn's birthday Mace and I bought him a swing to put up in the back yard, hanging down from the big tree that drops leaves everywhere. The catch? It's pink. Lol. It was either a blue boyish one for twenty five dollars, or a pink clearance one for seven. Needless to say, if Eamonn grows up with gender identity issues, we'll blame it on our cheap ways and his gay, pink swing.

Eamonn is already going to be one and I just can't believe it! I can at the same time.. Time moved SO slow the first five months or so of his life due to my horrendous postpartum, but since then, it has zoomed. Everyday I am AMAZED at how much he is growing and developing! He is such a curious little boy. As we speak he is eating the curtains and standing up on an old huggies  box. He is always wanting to know what makes this turn? what happens when I drop this? when I bang on this what noise does it make? When I play in the garbage can, eat power cords, bang on the laptop, and play with power outlets I get funny reactions from mommy... He keeps himself really entertained though and it's nice because I can usually get a lot done with him. He just does his own thing, playing with random objects and nick nacks, etc. He is an abnormally good baby and it really makes me nervous. Is there such thing as getting two good babies? Or is the Lord trying to trick me into thinking that all babies are good, (for the most part) obedient, self sufficient babies so I'll have more? Eamonn's personality is A LOT like Mason's. Very laid back, very content, very happy. What if this next baby is like me? I'm not a bad person, but I am stubborn and persistent. My mom said that she is amazed at how well Eamonn obeys for the most part because NONE of us were like that. We all did the opposite of whatever she would try to get us to do. We looked for trouble. gulp. Ah well.. I turned out pretty well and I guess we'll just take each little spirit as they come. ;)

Discovering leaves. What happens when I shake them? What happens if I put them in my mouth? (I usually don't care if Eamonn has sticks or leaves or anything like that in his mouth... my motto: God made the dirt, and dirt don't hurt. lol)

Figuring out what happens when you bang the stroller with a stick...

Funny things that Eamonn does:

- Eamonn is our Parrot. He repeats EVERYTHING EVERYTHING he hears. A car passing, a scream on a movie, a bird tweet, the microwave, a dog barking, a cough or sneeze, a laugh, you name it, he mimics it. It's pretty funny because a lot of times I don't hear or even notice the sounds he does and I have to take a step back and think of what he might be trying to imitate. Mason claims that Eamonn can say "I love you" sometimes, but I've never heard it. lol

- My family has a joke that when I was a baby, I could've made a mess out of and m&m. A tiny m&m would result in chocolate in places they didn't know existed. That is the story of Eamonn's life. It doesn't matter what it is, it results in a mess. I was over at my neighbors helping her out the otherday, and we fed the kids pizza. Her baby boy, Thomas, had some on his hands when he was done. That's it. Eamonn? Hands, ears, hair, feet, stomach, eyes, back, you name it, it had pizza on it. Lol. I guess this is payback.


More pudding.

- For the most part, Eamonn is very content, but he is learning to through tantrums. The funny thing is, is that he is very careful on where he throws them. When he gets mad about me taking something away, wiping his nose, etc. he very carefully looks around to make sure he won't hit anything, and then very strategically and carefully lays back onto the ground.. and THEN he throws his head back, arches his back and flails his appendages. Tantrums usually last a few seconds though, because I just laugh and walk away, or just ignore them. He sees that mom doesn't really care, and he's not getting the desired reaction out of me, so he stops and finds something else to play with.

- Eamonn is also very tough. He is constantly bonking his head or running into things. He might wimper for a second, and then he's done. I like to try and take credit for that because when he does fall or whatever, I just say.. uh oh! Get up! You're ok! I guess we'll see with baby number two though, because for all I know, it might just be his laid back personality. I'm hoping it's parenting style, not the latter.

- Eamonn will usually wake up earlier than us in the morning, but instead of crying, he just sits in his pack and play and chatters to himself, or even with the angels that are around him. Who knows, but I never wake up to him crying. He's usally playing with something (blanket, toys I leave in there for him, feet, belly button, etc.) when I come in to get him. Like a said. Such a good baby. Maybe it's a blessing the Lord has given me because my postpartum was hell... or maybe again, He's trying to trick me into having more kids ;) lol.

Well, I'm supposed to be working right now so I'll have to update later. I'm really loving this blogging thing. I'm using it more as a personal journal more than anything, so I hope I don't say anything too revealing... lol Or say something about someone I'm frustrated with because it's on the freaking world wide web. WORLD WIDE. Need to watch out for that. Well, I'm sure I'll update soon. I'm really interested to see who actually reads this junk because personally, I get bored reading details of other peoples lives sometimes. I'd rather just write about my own. lol

Anways.. toodles.

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  1. I love reading your blog, you make me feel "normal" THANK YOU