Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things on my mind.

1. I am going to bed with a messy house. Usually mace and I tornado through it before bed so I can atleast wake up to a clean house. I am too worn out today. I hope it doesn't throw me off of this whole, keep the house clean, kick I've been on lately... ugh. I just need to sleep and not worry about it.
2. It is pretty funny (yet sad at the same time,,,) how many times Eamonn got hurt today. He fell down the stairs three times at play group, tripped and fell more times than I can count, ran strait into the table, ran straight into the wall, and fell off the bed. hahaha I don't know how this kid is still alive. Too bad his helmets don't fit anymore... I gave him some tylenol before bed because I had sympathy on him. don't judge me.
3. Pissed that WIC has such particular specifications on their dumb cereal. I FINALLY found a combo. of cereals that I like with the right amount of ounces in each (so I thought) until I got to the front of the line. Yup. Apparently you can't have cereal that weighs less than 12 oz. and no more than 36. the two i wanted went .2 (YES.. .2, please make note of the POINT before the two) over thirty six ounces, so i went with the smaller box. Yup. That didn't work either. Now I'm stuck with Kix. nasty, nasty kix. Whoever said they were kid tested, mother approved was lying. In the end though, I am grateful for WIC because we CANNOT afford Jack's formula. :( I wish. One day, we'll be rich, and it will be awesome.
4. I quit my job. . . I'm not too worried about money though. I know the Lord will bless us for putting our family first. It was yet another leap of faith that we have to take right now. A part of me wonders how many leaps of faith are we going to have to take for our dumb family!? First, get married. HUGE leap of faith on my part. Second, have a baby within the first year of marriage. Third, have yet ANOTHER baby within the second year of marriage. and now this? I quit my job so I can focus more on my kids than money. Which sucks sometimes cause money is nice and it buys stuff. It's really not that horrible of a thing, money. Ah well. Like i said. One day we will be rich, I will have nice things, I will not have to worry about our stupid cars breaking down all the time, I will wear cute clothes, I will have a gym pass, I will be awesome. Until then....
5. That's about all that is on my mind right now. I am tired, grumpy, grumpy, and especially grumpy, so peace out and get outta my face. ;)



  1. Your blog is great birth control for me. Haha. I love it so much. Laur, you are awesome. Having faith like that would be so so difficult. You're a trooper. Keep it up.

  2. I love you girl. I know it is so hard, especially when the Lord says "ok, it's time to do it my way", but I promise you will be blessed because of it. You already are girl. You haven't had any postpartum yet right? You've been on a "keep the house clean" kick. Your baby is healthy and happy. And you look freakin amazing! And you have a lot of friends who love and support you!!!

    Every time Ella is growing she gets so super accident prone, she falls all the time, runs into everything, and just gets hurt on nothing. I bet your adorable little boy is just getting a little less little :)

    Also, thanks for letting me come over the other day, it was so so awesome to see you and hang out! And I'm a fan of Winco! Love ya!