Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Photos By Sveta Nikiforova

We got our family pictures taken this last week and wow did they turn out great! I have been looking at other peoples blogs and they really are just a lot better if there are pictures. I get too bored with all of the writing. The Girl who took them is my ex-boyfriends wife. I know, kinda crazy, but I mean he dated me so that must mean that his wife is absolutely adorable right?! lol and truth is, she is more than that! They are both from Russia and working and getting an education here. Sveta (the photographer) is so amazing. I guess you'll see for yourself because a picture is worth a thousand words and obviously I can't even say that much about how much we loved the opportunity to work with her. I don't want to seem all commercial or anything like that, but I really do recommend her to anyone. They are young college students also so I KNOW they would appreciate the extra income. :) I know I would. lol Anyways. ..

Things lately in my life. Eamonn is sleeping right now which is a treat. :) He has been sick with some sort of virus that antibiotics can't cure. We took him  to the dr. and he said to keep him as far away from Jack as possible, because if Jack is to run anysort of fever, to bring to to the E.R. Again, the angels in my ward have really stepped up to help me. (I am so blessed to live here. Seriously.) Carla Moulder took Jack for 5 HOURS! and Eamonn for a couple while I went to the dr. to get my incision checked. And today, Loni Daniels has Jack Jack for me. Ugh I can't even explain how grateful I am for the relief society and the women in it.

Anyways, I will let you get to looking at our pictures. Here is a link to Sveta's FB page:
Also, here is her email and website:

These are some of our Newborn/Family pictures! Sveta (My ex-boyfriends wife.. lol) Took them for us. We were so excited because she was so sweet and willing to work with us financially, and especially because she has SUCH a beautiful eye for art.
Probably the best photo we got as a family. Ok, so I think i look good and that is all that matters. lol Mason looks incredible and Eamonn just looks Dopey. haha ah well.
These ones with me and Jack turned out GORGEOUS! It really is amazing how much you love your children. After all that sacrifice, how could I not?!
This LOOKS like a precious moment, but I really do not know how she got this picture. Eamonn could not sit still for a second! I know that he loves his little brother deep down, he just doesn't know it quite yet.
This one, we tried to make it look like he was chilling in the hot tub. 
This one has his name on it! :)
I LOVE this picture. Mostly because mason looks SO handsome. Such a strong jaw line. ow ow! I feel bad though cause it looks like I am strangling Jack Jack. 
Even after the kidlets, we still got it!
We make a pretty cute couple if I do say so myself. I really, truly love my husband, despite what I might say on this blog sometimes. We really are best friends. (Corny, I know, but it is true!)
Admiring my work. I did a good job if I do say so myself!

By this time, Jack had had it. No more being naked, no more bows, no more brothers poking him in the eye.. etc.

This is one of my favorites. Ditto to what i said before, but it also show his LOOOONG Chicken legs!Seriously, I have not seen a baby with such long legs! 

This really captures the essence of protection that only a father can give to his children. I.Love.It.

Still can't get Eamonn to look at the camera. To tell you the truth, I am a little self conscious of this pic because obvioiusly it was only 3 weeks after having a baby and the weight hasn't come off yet. Please also notice Mason. Really?! It's a miracle he hangs on to me. what a stud.

Typical. That's all I have to say.

This picture right here is the absolute story of our lives. It's almost  shows "Love got us into this mess, and love will get us through." Sometimes I ask myself.. "What were we thinking!? But we know that in the end, The Lord knows what will bring us the most happiness in this life, and if we have the faith to follow that, we will be the happiest. I have seen it over and over and over again in my life. That doesn't mean that I don't want to give up, drop the kids off at the orphanage or the city pound, and move to Jamaica at times though... lol

Eamonn running away from us with the broom. We couldn't get him to take anymore pictures after he found it.  So Sveta took advantage and took this picture. I think it shows his little personality. 

Eamonn loves his brother deep down inside... haha but for right now, he just gets in his way!

We could NOT get Eamonn to smile for the life of us!...

Still not...

Getting there...

They really are best buds. Mace is SOOO Proud of his boys! He keeps saying that the odds of us having a boy that plays football are growing and that to him is priceless! 

I'm starting to see a pattern here.. WTF?! All of his smiley pics are with Mason! Ah well. By the end of the day, I'd rather him be best buddies with daddy anyways. lol

But when we FINALLY got a few pictures of him smiling and being that darling charmer we know him to be, the pictures turned out pretty darn cute! (Even though we think so even when he wouldn't smile.. it just shows his little stinker side to him!)

Sveta Really did an amazing job showing how much love a mother has for her infant. Being a mom can be so very difficult at times, but I would not give it up for the world. I am so blessed to have these little spirits in our home.

Jack was our Valentines day baby! He really was an emblem of our love and mine and  Mason's relationship blossomed after Jack came into our family.

This is the blanket we brought Jack home in. I made it for him in a hurry. I did the whole thing in two days because we knew he would be coming early.  :) I was so happy to bring him home in it!

This is the ring Mason got for me. Every time we have a baby, Mace buys me a ring that signifies the birth of the baby. This one is amythest (Feb. birthstone) with the big heart (mommy) and the little heart (Jack). The heart represents Valentines day, because that was when he was born!

Anyways, Even though the pictures are corny and make it seem like life is so darn fun and always peaches and roses, I want you to know that it is not! It is hard! But it is well worth it. It is the little moments that make it worth it. 

Holding hands with your best friend always knowing that he wants to hold yours too...

Cuddling, Caressing, Kissing and Loving on your husband :)

Leaning in to Eamonn saying, "Kissees?" and having him lean in and return the favor...

Watching Eamonn run around in his diaper, babbling to himself. 

Hearing those squeaks that only a newborn makes as they wake up and stretch out..

Singing Hymns and Primary songs to your baby as your snuggle him and rock him to sleep...

This is da life! Crazy, insane, tiring, irritating, splendid, exasperating, exhilarating, exhausting, and amazing. 


  1. Mason buys you "push" gifts?! WTF! I told Matt about push gifts when I was preggo with Regan and he said "the baby is your gift!" Lame-o. I will have to encourage him better this time, lol! Adorable pictures! Right now I am feeling like an insane person for wanting another kid, my first kid is screaming in her crib (we started a bad "bed habit" as her pediatrician calls it and are trying really hard to break it. Ugh, being a mom IS hard, good thing the joy usually outweighs the misery :)

  2. great pictures laur! You look great! that is really sweet that mason gets you a ring for each child...:) I got clothes when I had was a fun gift...but none of them fit anymore :) haha