Saturday, December 11, 2010

To dance or not to dance. Pole dancing that is...

Sooo, This is probably going to be considered a "risque" topic to some, but I just got home from a pole dancing class with some of my girlfriends and it has really been on my mind. The stigma of it all.... Just to kinda let everyone know what we did, here is what happened:

- We got to a little studio that had a bunch of poles/ariel loop things/ribbon things. We used the poles because we are not hard core enough for the ariel loops and ribbons. Maybe one day after I've changed my name to ginger and live in Vegas I'll look into those other things.. ;)
- We all stripped down into tank tops and little booty shorts/spandex/dance pants/etc. (Pretty much what you where to the gym.)
- We learned a few basic moves...

- Laughed our heads off as we all tried to do them... It was kinda scary at first, but because we were all willing to just go for it and have fun, we did! Even I did surprisingly well, weighing 25 more pounds than before and with a baby in tow...
- It REALLY was a work out. It amazes me just how much pole dancing is actually pretty artful! (Watch the video I posted too!) It worked A LOT of muscles I didn't even know I had, and I'm pretty sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.
- After, we learned a lap dance/tease. We had SO much fun. I guess that's something that is also a stigma. Sometimes women (especially LDS women) feel that this is not appropriate. I feel however that it is! It is fun, my husband and I both have talked it over and feel completely comfortable with the idea of it, and he is especially excited for me to get home and show him just what I've learned! lol
FYI in the studio, no men are allowed even to watch. It is all women, and we just did a private party. We all pitched in 10$ and had fun. We even snapped a few pictures of us trying to be sexy. I might have to ask permission before posting those first.. lol

I do believe "To each her own" when it comes to sex and intimacy. If someone is not comfortable with pole dancing, lap dancing, etc. they don't have to! But keep an open mind to those who find it fun as they should to you also! The LDS church stays out of the bedroom because it is the discretion of husband and wife together to choose what they do behind closed doors.

I used to really struggle with even speaking about sex without feeling guilty or dirty. The truth is, (and I am still learning this..) that it really, truly is a beautiful sacred thing! It's actually a fun thing too! It's enjoyable! It's romantic! It's a bonding experience between husband and wife! It's really awesome!

This class has been such a fun experience, and to be honest, I believe the Lord has placed the friends he has in my path for a great purpose. I am learning so much and having so much fun! It was so nice to look at myself in the huge old mirrors and still feel completely confident and sexy about my pregnant, curvy, stretched out, body! This class really helped boost that a lot. So does having good friends who love you the way you are, and especially a supportive husband who thinks that you are the hottest thing to have ever walked the planet. ;) I wish we as women could all feel confident in ourselves, love ourselves the way we are, feel beautiful, sexy and feminine in our own skin, and most importantly, know who we are as daughters of God. Know that we have a purpose, that we are important, that we play a crucial role in the plan of God and in the lives of those who we become accquainted with on a daily basis.

I kinda want to leave with a quote by President monson, and a link to the talk he gave in the General Relief Society Broadcast this last October:

This all kind of connects in a be confident in who you are kind of thing.. I don't know, I guess it is almost 4 am and I am trying to write this, so if it is scattered... don't judge. ;) 
Here is the quote from President Monson that really and truly helped me and still helps me to love myself the way I am...Even As Chubby and stretched as I am! I really hope that all those who read it can get something out of this, (whether it be pole dancing is fun or to feel good about the skin you are in..) and know how beautiful you really are... Here is the quote:
"Appearances can be so deceiving, such a poor measure of a person. Admonished the Savior, “Judge not according to the appearance.”4
A member of a women’s organization once complained when a certain woman was selected to represent the organization. She had never met the woman, but she had seen a photograph of her and didn’t like what she saw, considering her to be overweight. She commented, “Of the thousands of women in this organization, surely a better representative could have been chosen.”
True, the woman who was chosen was not “model slim.” But those who knew her and knew her qualities saw in her far more than was reflected in the photograph. The photograph did show that she had a friendly smile and a look of confidence. What the photograph didn’t show was that she was a loyal and compassionate friend, a woman of intelligence who loved the Lord and who loved and served His children. It didn’t show that she volunteered in the community and was a considerate and concerned neighbor. In short, the photograph did not reflect who she really was.
I ask: if attitudes, deeds, and spiritual inclinations were reflected in physical features, would the countenance of the woman who complained be as lovely as that of the woman she criticized?


Anyways, I need to go to bed. I am going to be a GROUCH in the morning. Good night all! P.S. here is a link to the pole dancing place we went to. If you are interested message me or something! We all wanted to go again! P.S. WATCH THE VIDEO I POSTED BELOW!! IT"S SOOO AWESOME!


  1. What a happy post! Looks like you had so much fun! I will let you know how my class goes in january hahaha I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LAUR!! AND MISS YOU LIKE LOCA!

  2. I love that you went to that! I wanna go! I just need a pole in our humble apt, then I'll be set. That looks way fun! I agree with everything you said. It is beautiful and sacred yes, but I think it should be sexy and spicy too! Men need that.